Introduction and API Key

Overview of the Autofy platform, and instructions on how to get your API Key


To get started with the Autofy API you'll need to do the following...

Familiarize yourself with the Autofy reference to learn about the api calls we currently support and their structure.

  • Create a User which represents a single account that will be linked as a child under a Company
  • Download the Autofy Agent which acts as the interface between the Cloud and your QuickBooks file
  • Install the Autofy Agent. On the Autofy tab enter your User.agentToken into the Autofy Agent 'Agent Key' input field and press 'Save'
  • Create a Company which represents a group of Users under a company name. This will trigger your Autofy Agent to connect to your QuickBooks file. Make sure QuickBooks is open. You'll be presented with an Authorization window within QuickBooks to verify Autofy as a valid service
  • Integrate! Now you can make API calls to process records, register additional users and more. Visit our Swagger page for up to date endpoints


To get access to the Autofy API, you'll need a Key. This Key is used to identify your org in the Autofy platform, and you'll use it in every request your application makes.

Email, and we'll send you your Key.